Why did you change your brand?

For us, it was simple. We wanted Simply 7 to mean more than just creating a snack with "Simple Ingredients" that's "Simply Delicious." Don’t get us wrong, that's still REALLY important and is a part of who we are, but your lives have changed and taken on new meaning since we started making snacks in 2011. So, it was time to update to be a better snack for you!

Why did you change your packaging?

We didn’t think our old packaging reflected the new us. So, we updated! We LOVE our new look and hope you do, too!

Why are you changing flavors that I loved?

We know change is hard. We wanted to give you better, more delicious snacks so we removed some ingredients and are bringing you flavors that'll send your taste buds to "flavor heaven!"

When is the change happening?

Starting in January, you'll begin to see the new packaging and products on shelves! We know you'll want to run to the store to grab a new bag, but slow your roll. Like other things, transitions take time so honestly, the shelves will look kinda messy for a few months.

Why are you discontinuing flavors?

We love these flavors as much as you, but we can't keep all of them on shelves, especially as we look to add more delicious products for you!

Enjoy these flavors that we're saying "good bye" to while you can (US only): Lentil Chips Fiery Pepper and Creamy Dill, Veggie Straws Sea Salt, Quinoa Curls Original, Farmhouse Cheddar and Mesquite BBQ, Organic Veggie Chips Original and Ranch, Simply 7 by Giada Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Butter, Parmesan and Margherita Pizza.

Can I try the updated flavors before buying?

Keep an eye out on our Facebook and Instagram for giveaways that'll give you the chance to win the goods!

Is Simply 7 non-gmo?

Yes, all of our flavors are Non-GMO Project Verified.

How about organic?

We currently do not offer certified organic products, but check our labels for some organic ingredients within our snacks.

Is Simply 7 Kosher?

Yes! All of our snacks are Kosher Certified by the CRC-Chicago.

Is Simply 7 for Vegans and Vegetarians?

Yes and yes! We offer many dairy-free flavors for our Vegan friends and all of our flavors are Vegetarian.

Vegan flavors:
Quinoa Chips: Sea Salt, Barbeque
Lentil Chips: Sea Salt, Jalapeno
Kale Chips: Sea Salt

What about allergens? Are your products free-from any?

You bet! All of our snacks are free from peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, eggs, soy, sesame seeds, and wheat. We even have dairy-free options! There is also no egg, wheat, tree nuts or peanuts manufactured in our facility.

Do you perform allergen testing?

Yes! When we're done making our snacks with allergens (think cheese and dairy flavors), we begin our extensive cleaning process, followed by testing.

Do your suppliers have allergen certifications?

All of our suppliers are required to supply Certificate of Authenticity with each shipment so we know what we’re getting.

Can I eat your snacks if I’m a diabetic?

While you should check with your doctor first, the answer is usually “yes” as the amount of natural and added sugar is lower, but we recommend consulting your doctor first.

Can I eat Simply 7 if I’m on a Gluten-Free diet?

Yes, again! All of our snacks are Gluten Free Certified.

Can I eat Simply 7 after it passes the expiration date?

No way, we do not recommend eating any Simply7 product after it has expired.

Where is Simply 7 made?

Houston, TX. Also, known as the capital of space exploration. No wonder our snacks are out of this world.

I’d like Simply 7 to be offered at my local store? How do I request that they carry Simply7?

Step 1: Fill out this super fun form. Don’t want to fill that out? We feel you. Skip to step 3.
Step 2: Find a printer and print out that form
Step 3: Drive to your local store and visit that customer service desk that often gets forgotten.
Step 4: Request to speak with the head-honcho, aka the person in charge.
Step 5: Hand that person that form or suggest they reach out to our sales team who can be contacted at sales@simply7snacks.com.
Step 6: Wait for the deliciousness to arrive to your store.

How can I get Simply 7 delivered directly to my doorstep?

While we don’t sell our snacks directly from our website (we hope that changes soon!), they are available for purchase online via a number of really cool online retailers including: Amazon, Thrive Market, Jet.com. Be sure to visit these e-retailers to check if Simply7 is available for delivery in your area!