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Authentic Italian flavors, clean ingredients and simply delicious. Simply7 with Giada Popcorn.

it started with a chef.

We wanted to introduce a popcorn that focused on the uniqueness of the main ingredient with authentic flavors.
Award-winning chef Giada De Laurentiis was also looking for a snack she felt good about giving her daughter, Jade
(a popcorn fan), but didn’t like the options on shelves.

Together, we mixed her Italian heritage with simple ingredients to deliver chef-inspired real flavor in a snack that’s parent and kid approved.

“I am so excited to team up with Simply7! This popcorn is everything I love in a snack – simple, real ingredients and delicious flavors.”


why blue & red corn?

Blue and red corn is raised in nutrient-rich soils and is naturally uncontaminated. It contains more essential amino acids and anthocyanins, the pigment responsible for the unique, deep color, which is also found in healthier foods like berries, red wine and other dark vegetables.

  • Less starch and a lower glycemic index than yellow corn
  • More zinc and iron than yellow corn
  • Contains Vitamins A, Thiamine, B2 and niacin

Simply7 and Giada are working to inspire new generations of female farmers by donating to hard-working organizations.